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Full Service Meat Market In North Central Austin 

If you are looking for a full service meat market in Austin, Texas then come check out our store in the Allandale neighborhood. We are one of the few remaining full service meat markets left in Austin.

With so many stores moving towards self service it is hard to find skilled meat cutters who can answer your questions and and even do custom meat orders. Our meat market is truly reminiscent of the old style butcher shops that used to be all across America.

But today I’m sad to say the craft of butchery and meat cutting is quickly becoming a dying art. So come check us out and help us keep this amazing craft alive. Our store located right off of Anderson lane in North Austin provides a full service meat market with some of the most experienced meat cutters in town.

Of course, all over our locations carry our locally sourced meat. However, our Allandale location is the only location with a full service meat market. That said, of our Fresh Plus  locations carry the highest quality and best tasting red meat, poultry, and pork in town.

Come check us out at 2917 W Anderson Ln., Austin, TX. Or Give us a call at 512-419-7379 for a custom meat order today. Or stop by any of your Austin neighborhood for our high quality locally sourced beef.

Custom Cuts From Our Experienced Meat Cutters 

Whether you are looking for custom cuts of beef, pork, or chicken we are here to help. Give us a call we are happy to get you a customized meat market experience.

We have people drive from miles away to come load up on our prime akaushi beef. We can custom cut steaks at any size you like and have your order ready for pick up.

Typically many of our meat cutters come in early to set up our meat counter for the day. So if you would like to come in and get custom cuts it is best to come in or call before 3:00 PM.

If you are looking for our Locally Sourced Grass-fed and Grass-finished beef from Shirttail Creek Farms then unfortunately these cuts already come to us pre-cut. That said, they are pre-cut by excellent meat cutters after the beef has been dry-aged  and are  vacuum sealed to make sure their beef stays as fresh as possible.

Local Grass Fed Beef

A Cut Above the Rest

One of our top missions at our Fresh Plus meat markets is to partner with local ranchers in the Austin Area to provide our customers with the best-tasting local beef.

Local Akaushi Wagyu Beef

We are proud to provide Austin with Heartbrand Beef out of Flatonia, Texas. Heartbrand prime Akaushi beef is available at all of our Austin locations.

Akaushi also known as the ”Emperor’s Breed” is a breed of Wagyu cattle that originated in Japan. The taste of Akaushi beef is hard to beat.

Local Grass-Fed and Finished Beef 

If you are looking for locally sourced grass-fed and grass-finished beef then there is none better than Shirtttail Creek Farms. Shirttail Creek Farms is located in Brenham, Texas and focuses on regenerative farming practices.

Their cattle are never fed grains and it is dry-aged for two weeks before being delivered to Fresh Plus. Shirttail Creek Farms beef has better marbling than I have ever seen on grass-fed and grass-finished beef and it tastes amazing.

The best part, however, is that you get to help out a local regenerative farm that helps the local economy and is better for our planet.

Fresh Plus Meat Market
Austin Meat Market Pork

Local Pork and Poultry

Locally Sourced Pork and Poultry

Our Fresh Plus Meat Markets love to support local farms. That said, we especially love to support local farms that produce regeneratively farmed meats. We get high quality regeneratively farmed pork and poultry from Shirttail Creek and Force Of Nature. 

Not only does Shirttail Creek Farms provide us with grass-fed beef, they also have amazing pasture raised pork and poultry.

Shirttail Creek raises their broilers (chickens raised for meat) on pasture with 24/7 access to the fresh air and sunshine. This gives their chickens the ability to forage for bugs and plants and to do what comes naturally to them.

While foraging for seeds, bugs, and grass represents up to 30% of their food intake, they also supplement our broilers with a NON GMO Corn and Soy based feed and clean water and that’s about it.

regeneratively raised meat in Austin Texas

Force Of Nature Meats

Another amazing company we love to support is Force Of Nature. This is an amazing company that is leading the way in regenerative agriculture.

At Fresh Plus we want to do part in moving the products we carry in our meat markets away from chemical farming and into a more sustainable farming style. 

Force Of Nature meats provides us with a variety of unique products that are hard to find anywhere else. 

They have a variety of grinds including but not limited to ground bison, ground elk, ground venison, ground wild boar, and even grinds with organ meat.

Force Of Nature Meats Austin

Straight From the Farm

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