Looking to find the best local beef in Austin, Texas? At Fresh Plus we carry a variety of locally sourced beef from ranchers in Central Texas. So we have you covered whether you are looking for local wagyu beef or local grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

Fresh plus has four locations right in the heart of Austin. All of our locations carry local beef from Heartbrand beef, Shirttail Creek Farms, and other local ranchers.

At our Allandale neighborhood store located right off Anderson Lane, we even have a full-service meat market with knowledgeable meat cutters who are happy to assist you.

So if you are looking for a custom beef order in Austin, then call us at our Allandale neighborhood store in North Central Austin. That said, you can buy local beef at all four Fresh Plus locations.

We are located in the Clarksville neighborhood, the Hyde Park neighborhood, the Crestview neighborhood, and our Allandale neighborhood. All of which are centrally located in the heart of Austin.

Where To Buy Local Grass-Fed Beef Austin

If you are looking to buy local grass-fed and grass-finished beef in Austin, we have you covered here as well. We have partnered with Shirttail Creek Farms out of Brenham, Texas.

What their cattle eat is critical to the integrity of their farm. Cattle have evolved to graze on grasses, legumes, and other plants, and that’s all that these local cattle eat.

Seasonally, Shirttail Creek Farms plant different forage crops for their cattle to graze to ensure a robust and nutritious diet and to ensure delicious and nutrient-dense Grass Fed Beef! So if you are looking to buy the healthiest grass-fed and grass-finished beef in Austin, then come by and purchase some local Shirttail Creek Farms beef.

Shirttail Creek Farm’s local beef is 100% free from added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Fresh Plus is currently selling Shirttail Creek Farm ground beef, caveman ground ( ground beef with liver and heart), and select cuts of steak.

Local Dry-Aged Beef

Shirttail beef dry aged to 10-14 days before being cut. So if you want to buy local dry-aged beef, Shirttail beef is the way to go. You can feel good about purchasing their delicious grass-fed and finished beef that is raised with regenerative farming practices from a local farmer.

By dry-aging their beef

Regenerative Raised Beef In Austin

Where buy regenerative beef in Austin, Texas

Finding locally sourced beef in Austin is hard enough on its own. But finding locally sourced grass-fed beef raised with regenerative practices is even harder. Thankfully, Shirttail Creek Farms takes regenerative farming seriously.

By supporting local farms that focus on these practices you not only help the local economy, but you also help build back the soil. In turn, you are also helping reduce carbon emissions. By thinking locally you are doing what is best for the earth globally.

In addition to Shirttail Creek Farms, we have partnered with other regenerative farms. A good example would be Force Of Nature Meats. Not only do we carry their beef but we also carry many other products from regenerative farmers as well.

Force Of Nature meats provides us with a variety of unique products that are hard to find anywhere else. Force Of Nature has a variety of grinds including but not limited to ground bison, ground elk, ground venison, ground wild boar, and even grinds with organ meat.

Where To Buy Local Wagyu Beef In Austin

Looking to buy locally sourced Wagyu Beef in Austin, Texas? At Fresh Plus we like to keep our beef local. This is why we partnered with Heartbrand beef out of Flatonia, Tx.

Flatonia is located just over 73 miles from Austin, Tx. Heartbrand Beef has the largest herd of certified Akaushi cattle in the United States. Akaushi ( Japanese Red Cattle ) is a breed of Wagyu beef that originated in Kumamoto, Japan.

Akaushi beef is similar to other well-known breeds of Wagyu beef such as Kobe beef. However, Kobe beef is produced exclusively in the Kobe region of Japan and contains specific bloodlines of Japanese black cattle.

Unlike Kobe beef, however, Akaushi beef was developed to withstand the challenging climate of Kumamoto. Making it, in my opinion, the perfect breed of wagyu beef to raise here in central Texas.

So if you are looking for where to buy local wagyu beef in Austin, you can find Heartbrand Akaushi beef at any of our Fresh Plus locations.